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posted about 7 years ago

Job Description

A lot of people hate to wash dishes. So much so, in fact, that they're willing to pay big bucks to eat out at restaurants to have someone else cook their food and wash the dishes for them. If you don't mind washing dishes, or if you're just looking for a job to get you into the restaurant business, a dishwasher position is a great job.
It's not really the same as washing dishes in your house. Most restaurants have large, commercial washers that wash trays of dishes very quickly.  

Dishwashers are responsible for unloading the dishes and cutlery brought to them by bussers and loading them into dish trays. The trays are then placed into the commercial washers and blasted with scalding hot water. The commercial dishwashing machines can't always accommodate larger pots and pans, so occasionally you may be required to wash things by hand, the old fashioned way

Dishwashers are almost always the last person to leave at night so be prepared for some late nights (especially on the weekends). Even after the last table's been served, the kitchen needs to be cleaned and the trash has to be emptied.